How To Completely Reset Windows 10 Network Settings

Troubleshooting networking issues in Windows 10 can be usually attributed to driver updates, firewall settings or program specific configuration.

However, if all of these options don’t fix the problem, the last resort is to completely reset all networking settings. This can be useful rather than refreshing the PC or reinstalling Windows 10.

Tthis reset feature is supported only by versions later than 1607. (To find out the version of Windows 10, right click on Windows button from taskbar and select System.)

accessing system properties in Windows 10

Then check the Version number.

finding out Windows 10 version number

Also, once a network reset is done, reinstallation of network drivers and re-configuring VPNs may be required. So it is useful to keep the drivers and configuration settings handy before doing this.

Here is how to reset :

From Action Center, choose All Settings > Network & Internet

accessing all settings from action center

network and internet settings in Windows 10

From Status section, first, note down the network details by choosing View your network properties.

view Windows 10 network status and then reset

Click on Copy to save the information to text file for future reference.

saving windows 10 network information to text file before reset


Then, scroll down and choose Network Reset.

resetting windows 10 network

Next, click on Reset now. It will restart the PC and reinitialize all network connections.

All done.

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