DesignEvo : Create Beautiful Logos With This Tool

There are sometimes that you have the idea in your head but you can not turn it into the logo that best represents the concept of your service, product, or store. Fortunately, DesignEvo helps you express what you want. This online tool offers a platform for creating unique logos in just a few minutes.

The software offers millions of icons, just search and drag them to your design, which can be customized freely according to your needs. You also have more than 100 fonts to choose from, which can be customized with different opacity, colors, sizes and effects.

making a custom logo

The WYSIWYG utility is simple-to-use, so you can create your own graphic representation of your brand by changing the background, resizing the canvas, managing the layers, defining the tonalities, and generating the layout automatically.

logo shapes and templates
To download the result for free, you must give credit to the software, sharing DesignEvo on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn), blogs or websites. After that, just download the logo, which comes in three formats (JPG, PNG and PNG transparent).

choosing font attributes

The interface is very user friendly and clean with intuitive navigation: the diamond symbol shows where you can select and edit icons, while the letter “T” indicates the section for you to manipulate text and fonts.

adding company logo text

The Preview function is a good one here, because it brings a simulation of the logo used in different scenarios, such as business cards, letters, shirts, websites and even wall. This helps a lot to visualize how final logo will be scaled, so that you make the adjustments accordingly.

You can download for free, as long as you share DesignEvo on social networks, blogs or websites. The result comes in a .ZIP file with the .JPG, .PNG and transparent .PNG logo.

Limitations: It would be nice if the app offered some integration with services and apps – such as cloud storage and instant messengers.

To sum it up, DesignEvo is easy for anyone who needs to create a logo quickly but can not afford a professional or has no time to wait for the delivery. The online platform offers simple steps for generating a logo.


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