Create A Manjaro Linux Live Bootable USB From Windows

It can be a good idea to first try a live preview of any new Linux distro before installing it. Just like Ubuntu/Linux Mint, Manjaro Linux too supports creating a bootable/live USB for trying or installing.

Here is how to create a bootable USB in Windows for that :

Download and install Win32 Disk Imager. Also, keep the downloaded Manjaro Linux image handy.

Insert and format the USB drive to make a clean copy.

Next, choose the source Manjaro Linux distribution by clicking on folder icon.

using Win32 Disk Imager for making a bootable USB for Manjaro Linux

If it doesn’t show up, use the All Files (*.*) filter.

choosing source path where Manjaro distro image is located

Select the target USB drive and click Write. This will prompt to write the data to USB drive, click Yes.

writing the changes to usb drive to make it bootable for Manjaro Linux


Once the USB drive is made bootable, it can be used as a live distro or for installing.

Happy installing.

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