5 Situations Where You Can Choose Mobile Phone Over Computer

No matter how advanced can mobile technology become, it can never overcome desktop computers. On the other hand, mobile phones make life easier and save much time, because you can fulfill some tasks while you are away from home or office and your desktop computer.

That’s why a mobile phone should be your first choice on certain occasions. Not only will this habit would save you precious time, but you will also be more productive and efficient at work or school.

Here are top five situations when you can choose to finish work on a mobile phone and not on a computer, while you are out of office or far from home:

1) When you need to send invoice urgently

For instance, your clients asked for an invoice and they expect a response in short time. You can show them how prompt and responsive you are to their requests and use some of invoice generator apps or fax apps to finish the task on the go.

Suggested app: Invoice2Go

2) Pay home or office bills without wasting time in the bank

Paying bills and other monthly expenses can become a nightmare if you need to go to the post office or a bank and wait in the queue. Although you can use a computer to pay all the bills online, you can use mobile phone and complete this task while sitting on a couch and waiting your favorite TV show to start, or waiting friends at the cafe.

Suggested app: Prism Bills

3) Edit personal or business documents

We agree that it is better to use computer to manipulate more complex documents, but if you deal with a regular PDF file, you can manage it on your iPhone, anytime and anywhere. You can convert PDF files to Word or other MS Office formats and make changes to the document while commuting to or from work.

Suggested app: PDF to Word Converter

4) Do research for work or school

Collecting data on a certain topic that will be later on used for a specific task at work or a school assignment, is usually done on a computer because mouse helps you to easily switch tabs and copy paste certain parts of the page or to bookmark them. Long hours of research can be tiresome if you sit at the desk whereas you can sit somewhere more comfortable and do all the research. Obviously, you can use the browser installed by default on your phone and one of these apps that works like a web clipper, collecting all data on your phone.

Suggested app: Nimbus Note

5) Collaborate with your classmates, coworkers, and have live meetings

Team collaboration and meeting organization is usually done on a computer. In the same manner, it can be done on a phone and you can actually work with your colleagues or organize meetings anywhere, in the park, at the cafe, on the beach. There are hundreds of apps that serve for team collaboration and meetings.

Suggested app: Blackboard Collaborate

Next time you find yourself in some of these situations, try choosing mobile phone over computer and you will see how it will affect your overall efficiency.

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