5 Helpful Tips To Unlocking The Newest iPhone

If you have just gotten the latest iPhone model on your hands and got yourself stuck with a particular sim, then you will most likely be asking, how to unlock the newest iphone? You see, because of the icon’s brand value with iPhones, most people find it hard to outright buy the latest model at the retail stores because of its expensive price tag. That is why a lot of iPhone aficionados opt to acquire the latest iPhone models through different mobile companies via their iPhone plans.

These iPhone plans allow the subscribers to own and enjoy the latest iPhone models in exchange for regular payments within a particular period which can last up to 2 or 3 years depending on the plan. While these may all sound good, these plans, however, limit the subscribers to only their company’s services and products which can cause some hassle and disadvantages. We all know that to fully enjoy a particular gadget, full and complete freedom is needed in order to completely explore its features and capabilities.

If you want your unlock your iPhone and enjoy it to the fullest, then here are 5 helpful tips for you.

1.Contact the carrier network

The very first thing and safest way to unlock an iPhone is to pay a visit to the carrier network and inquire if the phone can be unlocked. Most iPhones which have been completely paid can be unlocked for free if you just ask the company. However, if you discover that the iPhone’s plan has still some unpaid balance, then you will have to either pay it in full or find other alternative methods.

2. Software unlocking

Software unlocking is one of the earliest methods of unlocking an iPhone ever since the smartphone was released. We do not completely recommend its success because Apple has been stricter with their software protection and safety nets. Software unlocking involves downloading a particular application and running it on your iPhone. The software then hacks through the iPhone’s systems and tries to unlock it. Take note that this method is not safe. Unless you have an expert software hacker with you, then you might want to try the next method

3.IMEI Unlocking

IMEI or Network unlocking is the most popular and effective third party unlocking service today. A lot of people have unlocked their iPhones through this method. Each iPhone since the iPhone 6 has their own unique IMEI code. This IMEI code is stored in the Apple’s database along with the other specifications of your iPhone, such as color, the country made and released, model and serial number, memory size and most importantly, IMEI controls whether your phone is unlocked or locked. And for a small payment, someone who can access or who has access to the Apple’s database can quickly and safely change the status of your iPhone from locked to unlocked – simple as that.

4.Hardware unlocking

Another working but a sketchy method in unlocking your locked iPhone is through hardware unlocking. If you don’t have access to someone who can change your IMEI code, then this is your only chance. You pay a guy that will tweak the hardware of your phone and hopefully pray that after the tweaking, you will be able to use a different sim. This method is very unsafe, although some people had success with the method.

5. Just simply wait

Last but not the least, if you don’t have the means or the money to completely pay the plan, then you will have just to set on just waiting until the contract is over and you can get your iPhone unlocked for free. Patience is a virtue, after all, it will also benefit you in the long run because your warranty will not be voided and you can still enjoy free software upgrades and repairs from the carrier network.

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