Paint 3D : First Impressions

With the recent Microsoft announcement of MS Paint no longer being the default graphics program, it’s successor Paint 3D that comes with Windows Creator Update is worth a look.

paint 3d logo

If it’s not installed, it can be downloaded from Windows Store here.

Paint 3D is revamped and upgraded version of MS Paint that adds several new features like converting photos and object selection into 3D, exporting user actions as a video for later reference and more.

The main interface is clutter-free with a blank canvas and 6 different sections at the top.

main sections of paint 3d interface

paint 3d launch screen

1. Art Tools – This includes the familiar elements from MS Paint liek the pencil, eraser, oil fill, spray can, calligraphy tools and marker.

marker options in paint 3d

2. 3D – This is new and adds an extra dimension to regular graphics design. 3D models, objects and even 3D doodles can be selected from here.

3d objects in paint 3d

3. Stickers – Line and curve selections, stickers, geometric 2D shapes (like rectangle, square, ellipse and so in that were available in MS Paint) can be added from here.

choosing 2d shapes and lines in paint 3d


4. Text – Besides the regular labelling using 2D text, Paint 3D also allows 3D text selection with various font sizes and types.

2d and 3d text in paint 3d

5. Effects – Filters of different shades and colors can be selected from here. The light wheel is used for adjusting the tone.

effects filters in paint 3d

6. Canvas – Drawing area available can be either set to transparent or regular.

canvas area options in paint 3d

Paint 3D has a cool feature of History. What this does is record user actions that go in making graphics and this entire sequence can be exported as a video. This is great for future reference or simply for tutorials.

recorded history as a video in paint 3d

The bottom bar has zoom in and out features. The eye icon is for viewing drawings in 3D.

viewing drawings as 3d in paint 3d

Finally, as Paint 3D doesn’t display the conventional menu items, the folder icon at top left is used for saving current project.

file save and other options in paint 3d

This is a cool graphics tool to use and familiarity with MS Paint would make it easy to use this.

Note : Even though MS Paint isn’t being phased out as it will still be available to download from Windows Store, Paint 3D would definitely be a lot more useful.

Happy painting!

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