How To Move Local OneDrive Folder To A Different Location

The default location of local OneDrive folder on PC can be changed to a different partition or location if needed.

This involves first unlinking the existing PC, then moving the default folder to the required location and then finally re- linking the PC.

Here is how to do this :

Right click on OneDrive icon from system tray and choose Settings.

onedrive settings

Then select Account > Unlink this PC.

unlinking PC from onedrive account

Confirm by clicking Unlink account.

confirming PC to be unlinked from OneDrive

Once unlinked, OneDrive setup will initialize. Don’t complete it yet.

onedrive setup

Now, after unlinking PC, move the existing OneDrive folder to a different location as needed. Browse to the default path (usually c:\users\username\) and click Move to.

moving onedrive folder to new location

Select destination location (in this example : a different partition) and click on Move.

making a new location for onedrive folder

This will start the transfer. Now it’s time to complete the OneDrive setup from before. After signing in to OneDrive account, click on Change location.

changing location of onedrive folder

Here, choose the new location by confirming Use this location.

The OneDrive folder will now point to the new location. This can be checked by right clicking it and selecting Properties.

onedrive folder moved to new location

All done.

Happy syncing!

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