How To Keep A Track Of End Of Life Software Programs

As technology evolves, many existing software programs which were once popular continue to become obsolete.

It may happen that a once useful software is now completely scrapped (EOL – End Of Life) for various reasons .

Product Graveyard is a useful reference website that lists most of such software products along with a brief snapshot of their life cycle.

product graveyard main page

The featured products will display the ‘obituaries’ of once most popular tools like Google Reader, Orkut, Windows Live Messenger and so on which now no longer exist.

featured software which are now defunct

Clicking on any of them will provide the necessary information about their end.

description of specific EOL software

Also, all of such software products can be looked up alphabetically too.

alphabetical look-up of EOL software

Users can also contribute to updating information by clicking on Submit Autopsy Report.

submitting EOL software for updating the list

Simply, fill in the relevant details like name of the software which is now no longer available, it’s category, reason and verifiable news links about it.

filling out relevant details about EOL software

Going through a list of such once popular software does bring back nostalgia though. 🙂

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