How To Customize Quick Actions Icons And Turn Off Specific Notifications In Windows 10

Windows 10 Action Center is useful as it can display various notifications of different programs as well as quick actions/notification icons.

windows 10 action center quick action icons

However, it can get very cluttered when many unimportant notifications start popping up. Also, not all quick actions are needed for regular use. So these can be rearranged/added or removed.

Here is how :

Right click on date/time from system tray and choose Customize notification icons.

customizing notification icons

From the Quick actions layout, drag and drop icons to rearrange them.

rearranging quick actions icons in windows 10

To remove certain quick actions, click on Add or remove quick actions. Enable and disable as needed.

adding and removing quick actions icons in windows 10

To change general notification settings, select as needed from Notifications .

customizing general notification settings

For program specific notifications, turn them on/off from Get notifications from these senders section.

enable or disable program specific notifications from windows 10 action center

This can streamline how and when notifications are displayed in Action Center.

All done.

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