Free v/s Real Games

Land based casinos were a huge hit back then. Everyone flocked into casinos to play these casino games. The backside of it was that there was no option to play them for free. It was always a pay to play thing, and so many people were literally cut off. Thanks to web based casinos like Betat Casino, we have the privilege of cashless casino games. It is a privilege because it comes with significant advantages. Plus, it is an addition to the exquisite variety of gambling games.

No Money Online Games

These are constrained to the online casinos alone. They allow you to play without staking any coins on it. They have become among the most played in online casinos because they are the most favorable. While you can play without paying, there is no chance to win real prizes in pay outs or otherwise. Moreover, there is no requirement to subscribe to an account. All you do is just access them online and get started on the fun.

Pay to Play Games

With the real money bets, you have to put in some real coins in the form of bets. Then, you have a chance to play. The number of stakes you can place will vary from one game to another. The pay outs also vary accordingly. Plus, they have been around longer than their counterparts and thus have a bigger following. They also have more features and extra functionalities while the trial ones have a basic layout. Real money slots have several requirements to be met before one can be allowed to play;

To register your details with the online casino, you will have to fill some issued forms. These forms should be truthfully detailed for identification and verification purposes.

Terms and conditions

Real money games obviously involve money, sometimes huge amounts, especially in the jackpot, wins. As required by the law, web based casinos ought to protect themselves and their clients. All regulations on the specific provider will be stipulated in the terms and conditions document. Once you have read through it and are satisfied, you declare your agreement to comply.


The next step is to acquire the downloadable file and install it on your device. This is unnecessary if you have an option to play without downloading.

Payment Method

Lastly, you set your relevant and convenient pay scheme. Betat Casino offers a range of online payment options for you to pick from. Most casinos will allow credit or debit cards, prepaid cards and traditional methods of banking.

Free Versus Real Money Games; Which is Better?

This is the question that people are asking. Especially with the online influx of no-pay options, many wonder whether they are any worth playing or just a waste of time. The comparison seeks to establish the better of the two to help online gamers.

It is easy and quick to begin playing the free slots. As explained above, they require no complicated procedure. The real money games’ start up procedure is quite demanding. Thus when it comes to set up simplicity non-payment games take the upper hand.

With real cash games, you can win real cash prizes. You can withdraw your monetary win and actually use it elsewhere.  Free options are just that; free. You cannot win cash prizes and so have no returns to show for your expeditions. Real money alternatives even have jackpot prizes which in an instant could land you magnificent payout amounts. Even life changing in other words. In the matter of cash prizes, they overshadow free ones. The setback is, however, that while you could win, losing is an option as well. Since you are betting the coins you have bought into the play, when you are out of luck you lose your bet. You could lose large sums in stakes if you are not controlled in your spending.

You can opt for free wagers as the better option in the following circumstances;

ï‚· When playing your favorite slot machine and you run out of betting money, free gamble options are a welcome option to keep the fun going. You can that way still enjoy your preferred slot.

 If you come across a new slot haven’t tried before why not go the trial mode way. Betat Casino has lots of online slot machines you can try your hand in. The practice mode as is also called will help you walk through them. Once you are sure that you like it and are willing to try further, then you can try out for the real money versions.

ï‚· You can use the free versions of games as your practice ground. Since there is no cash involved you can lose, you can confidently try out your skills. They provide the ground to practice your skill, and when you have perfected it, then you move into real wagering. Well, you can still practice on the real cash slots, but the risk makes it unadvisable. Thus, free slots come in handy here.

Opinions may differ about which is the better over the other. Both have strengths and weaknesses, so eventually, the decision boils down to personal preferences. Still, you could play both. Each is suitable for their own purpose, timing, and circumstances. Visit Betat Casino for the best of online adventures. You get your pick of both real money games and free games.


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