Free Giveaway : AceThinker Music Recorder

AceThinker is giving away free copies of Music Recorder. This giveaway closes on 31 Aug 2017.

To participate, follow the instructions on it’s giveaway page.

AceThinker giveaway details

About AceThinker Music Recorder :

  • Download/record audio from web or local audio files.
  • Add and edit ID3 tags automatically
  • Record audio from PC using a microphone.
  • Convert music to different formats like MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC and more.
  • Combine or cut audio files using the built-in sound editor.

The user interface is basically divided into 5 parts :

Record : Records the selected audio source (either radio, online, or local microphone).

AceThinker user interface

Library : Displays the downloaded as well as recorded tracks. Local music files can also be added/edited if needed by right clicking.

AceThinker library list options

Search : Search online for music and play/record the same. Supports searching for Top 10 Artists/Songs for listening.

searching for music online

Download : Downloads selected tracks which can be edited.

Radio : Browse radio stations as per choice and listen to streaming radio or play/record it.

radio stations for listening and downloading using AceThinker

Music Recorder also has other cool features like Audio Editor, Audio Converter, ID3 Tag Editor and more. Tasks can also be scheduled if needed.

Other tools in AceThinker Music Recorder

Audio editing can be done by selecting the audio file to be edited, choosing the portion that needs to be removed and then exporting it as a new file.

editing audio files in AceThinker

This editor can also add silence, join files, create sound mixes and completely overwrite existing file.

editing sound files

Do try it out as it has many useful features for working with audio files.

Happy participating.

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