Easily Create Portable Apps In Windows Using This Free Tool

Portable apps are great to use because they can run on any computer without installation. This comes in handy when using a shared computer or when needing to run them on different computers.

Cameyo Offline is a free app virtualization tool for personal use that can convert setup of any program into a standalone exe file so that it can be used as a portable app from anywhere.

Download and install it from here.

Once installed, first, choose Capture an installation.

capture an installation option in Cameyo Offline

Now, creating a portable app that can be used from anywhere using Cameyo Offline involves two steps  :

  • Pre-install snapshot : Simply let it scan and get a system snapshot initially without the required program whose standalone version needs to be made.

cameyo offline pre install snapshot

Once this over, it will prompt to install the required program.

cameyo offline for post install snaphot after installing software

So, click on Install done once it is installed.

installing software whose standalone version needs to be created

  • Post-install snapshot : It will now take a new snapshot with the program that is installed. Once finished ,it will generate the standalone exe of the software in Users\Documents\Cameyo apps folder.

generated standalone exe version of the required program using Cameyo Offline

This exe file is a portable version of installed software and will launch directly.

running the standalone version of program (Ant Renamer) in this example

Simply make portable exe copies of useful programs and store them on portable drives so that they can be used from anywhere.

By the way, it also has an online version which can run most of the popular programs directly from within the browser. It needs a user sign-up for availing of extra features, but do check it out here.

All done.

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