Quickly Scan And Delete Duplicate Files In Windows

Same files stored at multiple locations can consume unnecessary disk space. There is a simple way to find such duplicate files and delete them in Windows.

CCleaner is useful for doing this. Besides deleting junk files, cookies, cache and temporary files, it also can find such duplicate files and delete them.

Here is how :

Open CCleaner and choose Tools > Duplicate Finder.

ccleaner duplicate finder

The search criteria can be modified to either include or exclude system files, hidden files, read only files and files below or certain size.

So for example : to find duplicate files that are more than 100 MB in size but which are not system files or hidden files refine the search parameters. Check these options to be ignored, then choose the drive location.

Also, specific folders can be added in the search criteria by clicking Add. File type can also be specified and also if search should include files and subfolders.

adding custom folder in duplicate finder

Finally hit Search for the scan to start.

It will display a list of duplicate files.

list of duplicate files found using ccleaner duplicate finderChoose the version to be deleted and select Delete.

Next, confirm the deletion.


confirming deletion of duplicate files using ccleaner

The duplicate files will be removed.duplicate files deleted

All done.

Happy system tuning.


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