Quickly Reverse Search Images When Using Firefox


The two popular reverse image search engines : TinEye and Google Images are useful for finding the original image source or to determine if an image is edited.

However, it can be time consuming to upload images or copy-paste image URLs everytime to these sites. So, Reverse Image Search for Firefox combines both of these services as a Firefox add-on by which any image can be reverse searched directly from within the browser.

Download and install the add-on from here.

reverse image search add-on for firefox

Once installed, a new option of Reverse Image Search will be visible on right clicking any image that needs to be reverse searched.

selecting an image for reverse search when using Firefox

Choose either TinEye or Google Images to do this.

This add-on will directly send the selected image URL to TinEye/Google Images search engine and return the results.

tineye results for the reverse searched image

google images results for the reverse searched image

Pretty useful and saves a lot of time.

Happy searching.

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