How To Backup And Restore Device Drivers In Windows 10

Installed device drivers in Windows 10 can be backed up if needed. This can be useful if they need to be added back again after a clean install or for particular devices which are outdated or have driver conflicts.

To backup these drivers :

Open Run box (Windows key + R) and type the following path :


accessing windows 10 drivers folder through Run box

Next, copy paste the folder named FileRepository to a backup location.

copying file repository folder from windows 10 drivers path

Once the copy is complete, the device drivers are backed up.

backing up file repository folder from windows 10 drivers path to a new location

To restore/add  :

Access Device Manager (right click Windows button or through typing devmgmt.msc from Run).

Choose the device for which drivers are to be updated by right clicking and selecting Update driver.

adding drivers from Device Manager

Choose Browse my computer for driver software.

manually adding drivers for Windows 10 devices

Select the backup location where the drivers were backed up and hit Next.

choosing the backed up drivers path for adding drivers in Windows 10

The drivers will be installed.

All done.


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