Exclusive Giveaway : Wise Hotkey

Exclusive giveaway time. 馃檪

WiseCleaner in collaboration with ihaveapc.com is offering free copies of Wise Hotkey.

Wise Hotkey is a tool that customizes shortcut keys for different programs, folders and websites. This makes it quicker to access them rather than clicking repeatedly every time.

Giveaway details : No email registration or participation is needed, simply download the registered version from the exclusive giveaway link.

(The only limitation is that it doesn鈥檛 support future upgrades but all the features are available.)

This giveaway is time sensitive and valid from 12th July 2017 to 19th July 2017.

Wise Hotkey features :

Using it is simple. Assign different keyboard shortcuts for favorite or frequently accessed folders, programs and websites.

wise hotkey interface

The shortcuts can be changed anytime by clicking on the listed key combination.

assigning keyboard shortcuts in wise hotkey

They can be assigned for three different sections : Application, Folder and Website.

Click Add Application for selecting an application which needs a shortcut key.

keyboard shortcuts for apps, folders and websites using wise hotkey

The default folders are displayed but to add a custom folder, click Add Folder.

adding a custom folder for quick access in wise hotkeyFor adding websites, click Add URL.

adding a custom website for quick access in wise hotkey

The website will be added with the custom shortcut.

shortcut key for custom website

This is a handy tool that can make daily tasks a lot quicker.

Do try it out by availing of the giveaway offer.

Update : Winner of this giveaway have been declared here.

  1. airjordans says:

    Hey! very much interested in this.

    Keeping fingers crossed.

  2. Cheese_Mac_Grills says:

    me too

  3. nolan91 says:

    help me please! send me too

  4. KevinSun0212 says:

    I use keyboard a lot for my work and Wise HotKey would be useful for me.

    Please count me in! 馃檪

  5. MBU says:

    Love to have this !

  6. reza98 says:

    hello 鈥 i need a software like this for my work