4 Creative Ways To Advance In Counter Strike Global Offensive

Counter Strike Global Offensive is the fourth installment of the Counter-Strike series, a classic multiplayer first-person shooting (FPS) game developed by Valve Corporation. First launched in 2012, the game has since drawn millions of active users worldwide, receiving positive reviews from renowned game critics, and even winning the eSports Game of the Year award at The Games Awards 2015.

Perhaps what kept so many FPS players to stick with Counter Strike Global Offensive is its unique gameplay and improved overall graphics compared to its prequels. The game allows you to play either as a terrorist or a counter-terrorist and complete different missions. Playing as a terrorist involves missions such as planting the bombs, detonating them, and taking care of hostages. Counter-terrorists, on the other hand, must prevent the bombs from being planted, defuse active ones, and rescue hostages safely from the hands of the terrorists. While maintaining the original ‘no health regeneration’, ‘no respawn after kill’, and ‘no precision aiming sight’ concepts, the developers still injected new features in the game such as two additional game modes, new weapons including the firebomb and a stun gun, and eight new maps.

Even with the balanced matchmaking support for all online game modes, advancing in Counter Strike Global Offensive is not an easy thing to do especially with millions of players also working their way towards the top. However, considering these 4 creative ways might help you advance in Counter Strike Global Offensive. Take note of these tips and become a better shooter in no time.

1.Practice in different modes.

Probably the most foolproof way to develop your shooting skills is to practice a lot. There are a lot of game modes where you can train. Learn how to use basic weapons such as grenades and guns in the offline Weapons Course mode. Practice your throw and keep an eye on recoil and spray patterns. Playing in Casual and Deathmatch is also effective for training since team damage, objectives, collision, and money are all disabled in these game modes.

2.Train in aim maps. 

Aside from practicing in different game modes, training in aim maps can also help you master different skills. There are maps that are specially designed to practice headshots, reaction time and flick shots, recoil and spray pattern, strafing and jumping, and much more.

3.Configure your settings. There is actually no specific setting that can be considered perfect as every player has his or her own preferences and gamers are using computers with varying specifications. For smoother aiming, try setting the mouse sensitivity to 400 dpi and slider to 2.0, and adjust accordingly. Figure out the best control, audio, and video settings for you but do not set the frame rate to lower than 64 fps (frames per second) so you can maintain a steady connection with the server. Configure the size and color of the crosshair to make it look more visible during the game.

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