3 Accounting Apps You Need To Check Out In 2017

Technology has improved the way we conduct business by leaps and bounds over the past decade. The innovations that are readily available at our fingertips make running a business more efficient than ever before. If you have a smartphone or a tablet, you can still conduct business while traveling to meetings or sales calls. This article will share some of the best new and creative accounting apps that are available in 2017.

  • Freshbooks. This software platform is simple, clean, and user friendly even to those who have never worked in accounting before. The dashboard is intuitive and easy on the eyes which makes working with it quite enjoyable. Those who use Freshbooks boast about the ability to make invoices and offer credit card payment support to clients. In addition, users have the ability to email invoices or an estimated total to a client as well as send regular repeat invoices. While these features are great, it does come with a cost. The cheapest plan costs just $15 per month and allows for the billing of up to 5 customers. The Plus plan begins at $25 per month with 50 clients or the best plan is $50 per month with billing of up to 500 clients per month. Do the math. Is it worth it or would you be better off spending money on an accountant? Only you can decide what is best for your business.
  • Kashflow. This app is wonderful and highly acclaimed by its users, however, it is only available at this time in the UK. If you are a small business operating out of the UK and you despise managing cash flow or taxation matters, this app will be a nice help to you. Relatively inexpensive with pricing starting at just £7.00 per month, it just may be what you are looking for to help you manage your business.
  • Sage One. This accounting app makes accounting for your business easy by organizing your bookkeeping all in one place. This app is intended for use by freelancers or startup businesses. If you have a company already set up, you will want to choose another option as this app will not be able to accommodate you to the fullest. While not as intuitive and user friendly as other apps, this one is by far the cheapest at just $6.99 per month.

Whether you are a startup, freelancer, small business, or corporation, there are many apps in the marketplace that can help you achieve greater productivity and be more efficient. While these apps are incredible and can be great tools, there is still great value in hiring an accounting professional to handle your bookkeeping, cash flow reports, and help you project for the future. If you are searching for a talented accountant who can advise you on how to take your business to new heights, check out Myrtle Beach Accounting.

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