The Top 3 Ways To Game Hack In Call of Duty

Do you enjoy playing the Call of Duty series and other FPS (First Person Shooter) games?

If you do, then why don’t you make the game more exciting with hacks, cheats, and bots? These game add-ons increase your edge, helping you to win over your opponents in a thrilling fashion.

They also help you to even the playing field against more skilled, elite players and to increase your rank in a quick and effortless way. The higher your rank is the more killstreaks, weapons, and other features you will unlock.

If you are planning to improve your game in Call of Duty, then avoid risking in free hacks and bots. Game developers often take advantage of free hacks and bots to disguise anti-cheat software which can get you blacklisted in the game. Additionally, they are more prone to abusive use which can disrupt the fair play in the servers and can get you banned even quicker.

Besides being more secure, high-quality paid cheats, hacks, and bots have far better features than free ones and are always updated by developers. Get your own game pack from IWantCheats at a reasonable price and start playing like a pro without worrying about getting kicked out of the game.

Defeat your opponents and dominate every match by using these top 3 game hacks in Call of Duty

1. Aimbots

Aimbots are game-specific computer programs that are designed to automatically aim and shoot enemy targets. The bot or computer program determines the location of an opponent on the map and shoots at it depending on the setting; whether at the head, neck or spine. After killing an enemy, the active weapon will also automatically retarget and shoot on to the next one. Knife bot will also activate to auto-kill an enemy within the range. For a better experience, aimbot packs may also include additional features such as auto-zoom, ping correction, bone scan, auto-prone, and much more. It is also equipped with Human Aim feature that mimics natural human movements and keeps you safe from getting detected by game moderators.

2. ESP

ESP hacks are very useful in locating the enemy and allied players anywhere on the map. Each type of player can be assigned with different colors and can be set to display information including the player’s name, distance, stance, and active weapons. To make navigation much easier, paths to other players are displayed using lines while the walls and other obstacles are represented by boxes. ESP also lets you know where dropped weapons and explosives are on the map and alerts you when opponents and explosives are in proximity.

3. Rank and Unlock Hacks

Are you not patient enough to play a lot of games in order to earn experience points and increase your rank? Worry no more as there are also rank hacks that can get you to any level that you want. You can also add squad points and activate Prestige Mode anytime that you want to reset the game and go through the experience again. With the Unlock Hack, you can also get instant access to all characters, load out, emblems, gears, and perks.

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