Mac vs Windows PC : What Are The Main Differences And Which Is Right For You

Have you ever been asked, “are you a Mac or a PC?” This question has been asked time and time again and can be a point of contention among some. The main difference lies in the operating system.

The Mac runs on Mac OS X operating system and PCs run on a Windows operating system or Linux variants. Both systems have great advantages and disadvantages and it really comes down to your personal preference as to what is right for you.

This article will identify some of the differences so that you can decide which is the best operating system for your needs and personal preferences.

Macintosh (Mac)

  • Most often purchased by younger consumers ranging in age from 18-34,  Mac’s are only manufactured and sold by Apple.
  • Can be a costly investment but Apple products are proven to withstand the test of time and can function many years after purchase.
  • Macs are known to get infected with malware, viruses, and other annoyances less often than a PC.
  • Mac’s claim to have a better, more seamless and easier user interface than a PC.
  • Macs have the best screens due to advanced technology retina displays.
  • Software is included and is highly functional for artistic types.
  • Mac uses all of the components within the machine. What this means is that every aspect of the Mac computer is tested and researched so that it performs at the best of its ability while using the least amount of power.

Personal Computer (PC)

  • Most often purchased by older consumers over the age of 34, PC’s are manufactured by many companies and sold at retailers all over the world.
  • PC’s are known to have a cheaper price tag but are also considered to be less durable and in need of replacement more often than a Mac.
  • PC’s are known to be easily infected by malware, viruses, and other bugs if not protected by serious antivirus software and updated regularly.
  • While not as aesthetically pleasing to the eye with exquisite branding, packaging, and seamless functionality as is found in a Mac, PC users swear that they are able to perform more innovative initiatives than a Mac user.
  • Software is not included most times unless you purchase a bundle. It is important to remember this as when buying a PC you could be very disappointed to spend a few hundred dollars to find out that you need to now buy the software. With a Mac, this is already built into the price.
  • If you are a gamer, PC’s are considered to be the better option for you as you can access better game cards and other accessories.

It is tough to decipher whether a Mac is better for you than a PC or vice versas. While we identified some ways in which Mac and PC products differ, if you want to learn more about Apple products all together, check out as they can offer a plethora of information about a variety of topics.

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