How To Restrict Installation Of Apps In Windows 10

Windows 10 can restrict installation of apps by allowing only those that are available on Windows Store. This may be a bit restrictive as many Windows programs are not available on Store but it can be a suitable option for PCs in a specific environment like kiosks etc.

Here’s how to apply these restrictions :

Access Windows 10 Settings (shortcut : Windows key + I)

Choose Apps > Apps & features.

windows 10 settings

apps and features in Windows 10 settings

From the Apps & features section, change the option to Allow apps from the Store only.

restricting app installation in Windows 10

Also, a notification can be set if external apps are to be installed. This can be done by choosing Warn me before installing apps from outside the Store.

All done.

  1. gmail login says:

    That’s a great news for PCs in a specific environment like kiosks etc, every country should take steps like this.