3 Reasons Why Website Layouts Matter To Viewers

There are many reasons that viewers visit a website and stay on a site for an extended period of time. Sometimes the visitor is interested in reading the materials offered, are interested in marking a purchase of a product, or are searching for something. When a visitor arrives at your website, there are several things that make a difference to them in whether they will choose to hang around and explore or if they will go elsewhere. One of the biggest proponents of viewers leaving a website is the lack of organization or a well thought out website layout.

This article will identify a few reasons why website layouts matter to viewers.

  • Usability : Being able to access the information on your website in a seamless manner is imperative. A viewer is visiting your website because they have felt compelled to do so for a number of reasons. Perhaps they want to learn more about your products or maybe they are interested in marking a purchase. Whatever their reasonings may be, you want to keep the visitor on your website for as long as possible. The first way to do this is to have a web design layout that is user friendly and functions without problems.
  • Mobile-friendly : Another consideration to keep in mind is the mobile application of your website. It is likely that at some point a potential customer or even a returning customer will access your website from their mobile device. It is important to ensure that your web designer makes your layout conducive to being viewed from a smartphone or a tablet. If users have trouble navigating your site from their mobile device, this could me a huge loss in potential revenue for you. People are always on the go and they use their smartphone or tablets more often than a computer. By making sure that your website is accessible and compatible with all devices, you will ensure that you will not lose potential sales due to a cumbersome layout.
  • Overabundance of ads : A big reason that people choose to leave a website in a matter of seconds is because of the pop-ups or over usage of ads over true content. If you have ads on your website, it is best to make sure that they are not overpowering and do not prohibit the viewer from seeing the material that they actually came to your site to see. It is best practice to keep the ads small and off to the side so that people can click on them if they choose to do so. If you have a bunch of ads or pop-ups that are prohibitive to a user enjoying your website, people will leave your site and not come back.

These tips are tried and true and consumers share the same feedback over and over again in market research assessments about the importance of website layouts. If your web design is in need of improvement, you can check the layouts here for some ideas on how to get started.

If you are unsure of how to go about improving your website, it may be time to get in touch with a professional who can get your website into working order.

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