Windows 10 Creators Update : Windows Defender Security Center

With the Windows 10 Creators Update, Windows Defender is now upgraded to include better integration with other system features. It now includes settings for app safety/restrictions, firewall configuration, system health and parental controls. These features now come under Windows Defender Security Center.

To view and configure these settings, open Windows Defender settings by right clicking on it’s system tray icon and choosing Open.

opening Windows Defender

The dashboard will list various features which are now a part of Windows Defender Security Center.

Windows Defender Security Center dashboard in Windows 10 Creators' update

Virus & threat protection : Windows Defender‘s primary task of scanning PC and updating definitions can be accessed from here. Scan history as well as options for a new scan and configuring definition updates can be managed from here.

virus and scan statistics in Windows Defender Security Center

Device performance & health : This will automatically suggest if Windows updates are applied and updated, whether PC is running out of storage space and if there are any device driver conflicts. Also, resetting PC can be done from here using the Fresh start option. So, it assists in system maintenance as well as recovery.

device performance and health settings in Windows Defender Security Center

Firewall & network protection : Allowing programs through Windows Firewall, troubleshooting network connections and troubleshooting them can be done from here. After the Creators Update, there is no need to go to Firewall settings from Control Panel and do this since it is now integrated with Windows Defender.

configuring network connections and firewall through Windows Defender Security Center

App & browser control : SmartScreen is also now a part of Windows Defender Security Center. Blocking or allowing apps and files before downloading them, protecting from malicious websites (when using Microsoft Edge) and checking downloads from Windows Store for malware can be configured from here.

using smartscreen for filtering apps and websites in Windows Defender Security Center

Family options : Parental controls too are now integrated. Blocking specific websites (when using Edge), setting screen time, managing which apps and games can be downloaded as well as viewing a weekly activity report of online activity can be set from here.

choosing parental controls through Windows Defender Security Center

Overall, most of the common system security as well as maintenance features can be directly configured from here. So this is a much better upgrade for Windows Defender.

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