The Top 3 FPS Computer Games In 2017

The First Person (FPS) shooter concept has become a rising favorite of gamers all over the world whether it is console or PC. It gives the gamers the feel that they are the one inside a virtual reality and playing the game. It gained its popularity thanks to valve’s counter strike game and up to this day, first person shooter games have been coming out of the box.

Thanks to the sudden boom of Gaming PCs it has harnessed and improved the old problems of the first person concept and made it better and likable to the gamers. You can find that most gamers play the FPS concept whether it is on online or in mission or RPG mode. It gives the best experience in gaming and makes you feel connected to the game.
In 2017, FPS games are very common. The old ones are getting reboots and new games are being produced.

We know it is hard to play FPS especially when you are still new to the concept that’s why is here to help you get ahead of the game. We came up with the top 3 FPS that is played and loved by all gamers and hopefully will be enjoyed by you as well.

1. Call Of Duty Franchise

Call of Duty has been around for a long time and has gained the reputation of one of the best FPS and history teachers in the gamer world. It started in a storyline that dated during the world wars and up to the fictional Russian and Arab covert missions which will let you experience the feeling of being on the front lines. Today, they have also introduced online playing which allows you to play and interact with other gamers with the help of internet connection. Its graphics is constantly improving and the guns and sound effects are realistic. Call of Duty franchise has earned its mark in the Top FPS games because of its consistency. It is also one of the most successful video game franchise in gamer’s history

2. Star Wars Battlefront

If you are a Star Wars groupie then this game will truly suck you in. It captured almost everything a star wars fan loves about Star Wars Universe. You will be driven by your sense of adventure and fun above all else. It is also one of the best looking games of today’s FPS generation thanks to its breath taking graphics.  Gamer’s that played this game said that the Best part of the game is the survival mode which will truly put you on the edge of your seat. If you enjoy doing mission instead of shooting indiscriminately then this game is right for you.

3. Counter-Strike Global Offensive

The great return of Valve’s famous FPS game has revived the old fans and recruited new ones. It has a slowly growing fan base and is being recognized around the world by gamers. The concept and the gameplay are still the same but the graphics are much different. It will also let you play online which made it more popular. Even though there are so many FPS games coming out, no one can beat the classic counter versus terrorist game. It may be the top FPS game in the gamer’s world today.

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