Record Videos From Windows 7 Desktop with Movavi Screen Capture

Do you want to record a video from your screen on a Windows 7 PC? Perhaps you’d like to create a guide about how to use a feature within Windows 7 or some software, or maybe you’d like to save footage of something else that is on your screen such as a video call?

Honestly speaking there are quite a number of reasons why you may want to record videos from your screen, and the best solution to all of them is to use Movavi . Because it is a simple and straightforward screen recorder it will let you record video footage from your screen without any hassle whatsoever.

To start recording a video in Windows 7 all you need to do is launch Movavi Screen Capture and enter the screen recorder. Once you do you can define the area of your screen that you want to record by drawing a frame using your mouse cursor, or selecting the application window that you want to record. Alternatively you could use the presets that are listed.

The next recording parameter that you may want to adjust is the audio. By clicking on the respective icons, you can choose to record audio from the system audio or a microphone. If you want you can even record from both simultaneously in Movavi Screen Capture.

Last but not least if you’re creating a guide or tutorial you may want to capture any keyboard and mouse actions that you can perform. Within Movavi Screen Capture’s menu you’ll find options that let you do both and at the same time you can choose to schedule your recording so that it automatically stops after a timer runs out, or to start and stop at a specific time.

If you aren’t using the scheduler, you can start, stop, and pause the recording with the on-screen controls or hotkeys. When you’re done the video will be automatically saved and a preview window will allow you to review your recording, trim out any unwanted parts, and save it in any format you choose.


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