Top 3 Sci-Fi Movies For kids

Basically, there are two types of movies you let your children watch; movies that you make them watch so they don’t disturb you and those that you want them to watch to teach them something. Sometimes, there is that movie that acts as both a way to keep them busy and teach them something new.

Science fiction movies are movies that are meant to teach them something and hopefully fuel a long life obsession to want to learn and create something as awesome as what they saw on TV. In many cases, these movies tend to make their childhood interesting and fun. Not only do they learn, but they also remember them for the rest of their lives.

Here are three classic sci-fi movies you can get when once you make a showbox download.

The Iron Giant

Released in 1999, this may be the last truly epic 2D movie to be released. Directed by Brad Bird, this was the first film by the incredible and Ratatouille. The iron giant is a movie about an iron giant from outer space that finds its way to the earth. It then embarks on a journey to find itself a friend. It befriends a boy named Hogarth. Once their friendship is solid, trouble comes to paradise. The iron giant is being searched for by the US army men who want to destroy it. You may be wondering why this movie from years ago makes it on this list, but the idea of the film and its lighting are so good. Your children may remember it even once they reach adult age.

Max Steel

This is an awesome sci-fi movie released in 2016. The movie itself is based on a Mattel toy. The story is almost similar to an animation where a super hero becomes after he hangs out with a comedic alien parasite. Max is played by Ben Winchell. The movie has just the right information for both kids and teens up to the age of 14. The story may, however, be too light for older kids. Parents will enjoy the fact that the movie does not have a lot of violence. Romance, is also limited and the language is descent. In this day and age when it is so difficult to find movies for kids that do not have cursing language, excessive romance and too much violence, This movie will entertain your kids and teach them a couple of things about superhero behavior.

Midnight Special

This is a sci-fi movie directed and written by Jeff Nicholas. He created this movie to help him process his feelings of being a father. It gets scary when an eight- year-old boy is kidnapped. It shows the love of a father trying to save his son.


At the end of the day, every game your kids play and every movie they watch speaks a lot to the person they become. These movies will help them develop noble, helping characters that love peace harmony and fight injustice.



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