Official WhatsApp Messenger For PC : First Look

It can be useful to stay signed-in to WhatsApp after logging into PC thereby making it easier to access and use it from a single device.

So besides the web version, it now also has a stand-alone messenger for Windows and Mac that can do just that.

Whatsapp messenger download page for Windows and Mac

Download the WhatsApp messenger for Windows from here.

whatsapp messenger setup for Windows 10

Once launched, it’s interface is very similar to WhatsApp Web. Sign-in just as when using the web version .

Open the WhatsApp Web settings from the mobile device and scan the QR code.

login using QR code when using Whatsapp messenger for Windows 10

After sign-in is validated, the contacts list as well as other features like making a new group, editing profile or customizing settings can be accessed from the left pane of app.

Whatsapp messenger user interface when using PC

The Settings menu can customize chat wallpaper, change notification preferences and more. To auto-start WhatsApp after logging into Windows, choose Desktop Settings.

settings menu in Whatsapp messenger for Windows

Next, enable the tick next to Start WhatsApp at Login.

enable auto start of WhatsApp after logging into WindowsAll done.

(By the way, there is also an unofficial WhatsApp add-on for browsers, check it out here. )


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