Manage Tabs In Microsoft Edge Using Windows 10 Creators Update

Windows 10 Creators Update has made tab management easier when using Microsoft Edge. Multiple active tabs can now be set aside as a single entity thereby freeing up the browser window from seeing a lot of open tabs.

The updated Edge browser which has Windows 10 Creators Update will now feature a couple of additional icons which perform tab grouping. To set an active tab aside (active but not visible in browser window), click the tab icon with arrow.

set tab aside in microsoft edge windows 10 creators update

This will hide the active tab and the double rectangle window icon will be highlighted indicating that there are active tabs set aside.

active tabs set aside in microsoft edge with windows 10 creators update

To get the tabs back, click on that icon. It will list the active tabs set aside, clicking on Restore tabs will make them visible again in browser window.

restoring set aside tabs in microsoft edge which has windows 10 creators update

This is a useful feature to have when there are tabs containing emails, reference websites and so on that need to be kept open but not wanting to occupy browser window space. Simply open them and set them aside.

Happy browsing.

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