How To Manage Offline Maps In Windows 10

Maps downloaded in Windows 10 for offline use can take up space if there are a lot of them . While they can be very useful for navigation when not connected to Internet, the storage and update settings for them can still be tweaked if needed.

Here is how :

Access Windows Settings (shortcut : Windows key + I). Choose System.

windows 10 settings screen

Next, click on Offline maps.

windows 10 settings

There, scroll down to Storage location and change the drive path.

change where offline maps are stored in windows 10

Also if needed, offline maps that are no longer needed can be deleted individually or all of them from Maps section.

delete downloaded maps in windows 10

By default, maps are automatically updated over wi-fi or any network that is not metered. These updates too can be disabled if needed. Turn it off from Map updates section.

changing update settings for offline maps in windows 10

All done.

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