How To Reduce Battery Usage When Using Opera Browser

Opera browser comes with a built-in battery saving feature. This is a great feature to have when using a laptop that’s unplugged or if want to conserve battery.

When battery saving is enabled, Opera will reduce the background activity of open tabs and also limit reloading or auto fetching of web scripts thereby consuming less power.

To enable this feature, access Opera settings through Menu > Settings or through keyboard shortcut Alt+P.

accessing opera settings


From the Basic menu tab, scroll down and enable all the options under Battery saver section.

opera browser settings

enabling battery saver feature in opera browser

The Always show battery icon on toolbar is a useful icon that can show the current status of the feature from within the browser when clicked.

battery saver icon displayed in opera toolbar

All done. From now on whenever laptop is unplugged, this feature will be activated and conserve battery automatically.

Just like the free VPN in Opera, this is a handy feature that comes by default with Opera. Here are some more Opera tips.

Happy browsing.

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