How To Download And Use Android Apps On PC

It can be useful to test Android apps on PC without directly installing them on Android devices. Also, various awesome games from Google Play can be downloaded and run on PC. 馃檪

This is where脗聽Droid4X is useful. It is an easy to use emulator that can simulate an Android device on Windows PC.

Download and install it from here. Once installed, this emulator can be launched just like any other Windows program.

droid4x launch screen

The bottom pane has icons just like any Android smartphone for back, home and recent apps. Clicking the arrow on right side of bottom pane displays some useful functions like simulating GPS/location, shaking the screen, print screen function and more.

accessing droid4x input settings

various input settings for droid4x

Android apps can be downloaded from Google Play store just as in Android devices and can then be used.

download Android apps and run them on Windows PC using Droid4X

There are various settings in Droid4X that can change the screen resolution, screen dimensions and volume. These can be changed using the Basic Setting option after clicking on gear icon on top right of screen.

display settings for Droid4x

The Other Setting tab can be used to configure how much system resources Droid4X can use.

changing system resources settings for Droid4X

Clicking and dragging down the top screen will display the notifications area (just like how swiping down does it in Android smartphones).

notifications screen in droid4x

Android apps can be launched by clicking on them. For playing games, keyboard controls along with mouse are used for controls.

game controls for playing Android based games on PC

Just as in Android devices, settings can be changed in Droid4X. To do this, click the SysFolder. At any time, HelpCenter can be used to list various controls for using Droid4x.

sysfolder and helpcenter in Drodid4x

This can be used to change the overall settings, open Play Store, browse and transfer files to and from PC using File Manager, change Google settings, surf the Internet using the default web browser and so on.

various Android settings and functions in droid4x

This is a simple to use Android emulator. If looking for something similar, check out this older article on Bluestacks.

Do try it out.

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