Create Collages, Posters And Edit Photos Online Using This Tool

FotoJet is a free online graphic design program with which we can create beautiful photographic collages, posters, cards and much more in just a few minutes. It aims to provide many powerful, easy-to-use photo editing tools to users around the world, as well as creating powerful, high-quality software, delivering top-notch customer service.

This online tool is suitable for anyone ranging from bloggers to graphic designers. It uses a template-based approach to create collage projects, banners, posters, cards, Facebook covers and video thumbnails for YouTube, etc.

The interface is simple and offers three main functions : Create a Design, Make a Collage and Edit a Photo.

FotoJet interface


Photo editor

FotoJet offers different photo editing features such as: rotate, crop and resize photos for any specific use. The program corrects colors and lights by applying various photo effects like vintage, black and white, old photo and many more. So it becomes simple to eliminate the intensity of colors, add textures and adjust saturation, contrast and brightness. It also allows adding pre-designed text images and stickers to the photos.

Photo editing options in FotoJet

Graphic design

Different graphic designs can be created quickly using the templates in FotoJet.  It also allows to customize designs easily with dozens of free resources.

FotoJet templates for graphic design


The graphic designer of FotoJet can be used to create :

* Banners for YouTube: The tool has a large selection of templates for YouTube banners, so all YouTube users can impress their new visitors by customizing a single banner.
* Covers or Headers for Facebook and Twitter: Offers an extensive collection of well-designed Facebook and Twitter cover page templates in modern, classic and professional styles.
* Publications for Facebook : There are many templates of perfectly designed Facebook publications that cover topics such as family, friendship, travel, etc.
* Invitations: The program offers different types of invitation templates for birthday parties, weddings, baby showers and other types of parties.
* Publications for Instagram: FotoJet includes a large number of perfectly designed Instagram publications templates, all of which are fully customizable with photos, text and clip art.
* Posters: The wide variety of wonderful, professionally designed poster templates can help us find the inspiration to personalize our work of art.

Creation of collages

It provides powerful collage editing tools and over 600 sensational templates to use, such as birthday collages and others to create collages quickly with personal photos.

 create collages using FotoJet

FotoJet basically is a free tool that offers these features but to access all its advanced uses and resources (advanced templates, fonts, effects or stickers),  there is a premium FotoJet Plus account upgrade which costs $ 4.99 per month or $ 34.99 per year.

Do try it out.

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