Directly Download Torrents Without Using Any Torrent Client is an online service that can directly stream or download torrents from within browser without using any torrent software. This is done by first downloading the torrent to it’s own cloud storage and then that torrent is made available for downloading just like a regular file.

The free plan allows for 1 GB cloud storage with 1 download slot and a limit of 1 torrent download per day. The premium plans start at $5/month and include higher storage limit and download slots with unlimited torrent download limit. Here is a list of available plans.

To get started, sign up with an email address. Then, the torrent links can be directly added from dashboard or be uploaded from the local PC.

adding torrent links for downloads in

Once the torrent link is added and made available for download, click on Download to my cloud to begin. The download speed here would be that of Bitport’s cloud network and not of the local PC.

starting download of torrent to cloud

The active downloads can be found in Transfers. The transfer can be paused or deleted from within this section.

list of torrents downloaded using

After the download is complete, it is automatically scanned with antivirus NOD32 (in premium plans) to prevent malicious files.

The completed torrent then can be moved to a folder (useful for having multiple torrents in a folder and then downloading that folder as a zip file), can be deleted or downloaded.

For downloading, the torrent is directly made available as a file from the browser. As of now, there are 20 Bitport cloud servers globally and so download to local PC is done from the nearest located server for faster speeds.

Also, when seeding, the IP address displayed would be of Bitport service and not that of the user. It however doesn’t allow individual files from within a torrent, the entire torrent needs to be downloaded. The seeding ratio after downloading is set to 1 (can be changed) and premium plans have SSL channel for encrypting torrent transfers.

Simple to use with no need for installing any torrent client and this online service can be accessed from anywhere.

Do give it a try.

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