A Simple Browser Add-on To Directly Use WhatsApp

Desktop Messenger for WhatsApp is an unofficial WhatsApp add-on for browsers (Firefox, Chrome and Opera) that can display incoming messages, new posts and direct replies within browser add-on bar.

Although technically it isn’t actually a stand-alone desktop application that can sign-in directly to WhatsApp without mobile devices , it provides a quicker way to access WhatsApp Web without navigating to a separate window to use it.

It is available for different browsers :

For Firefoxfirefox version for whatsapp desktop messengerFor Google Chrome

Google Chrome version for WhatsApp desktop messenger

For Opera

Opera browser version for desktop messenger for WhatsApp

Once installed, an icon will show up.

whatsapp desktop messenger icon in Firefox

Clicking on that will lead to the QR code authentication window.

using QR code to sign-in to WhatsApp web

From the mobile device, access WhatsApp settings > WhatsApp Web version and sign-in.

successful sign-in to WhatsApp Web

The add-on lists the settings for various mobile devices.

settings for different mobile devices to access WhatsApp Web

Once signed-in to web version, new message notifications will be displayed by the add-on and clicking on it will open the WhatsApp Web window directly in same tab.

WhatsApp Web activity in WhatsApp desktop messenger add-on

This add-on can also be configured for dimensions as well as shortcut keys for quick access. Select the settings icon.

accessing settings for WhatsApp desktop messenger

Then, configure shortcut keys and toolbar size as needed.

configuring settings for WhatsApp desktop messenger

All done.



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