5 Useful Services By Wikipedia Besides Wikipedia.org

Wikipedia.org has other cool services besides Wikipedia – the world’s free encyclopedia.

Here are 5 other useful services by Wikipedia :

Wikivoyage : This is a travel guide available in different languages. Searching for details on a travel destination is made easy by this. wikivoyage main pageEnter the travel destination and it ill show up relevant details about the search.

wikivoyage travel destination page


Wikibooks : Books on various topics (spanning over 55000 pages) can be downloaded for free or read online using Wikibooks.

wikibooks main page

These are open-content textbooks. Enter the topic of interest and a wiki page as well as downloadable PDF link will be available.

wikibooks content page


Wikiversity : This is an open learning community with over 23000 learning resources. Free online courses are offered by Wikiversity.

wikiversity main page

Type in topics of interest and a bunch of suggestions will come up. Choose as needed and step by step tutorials will be displayed.

online learning course by wikiversity

Wikiquote : Ever wanted to find useful quotes on specific topics? This service has a collection of quotations (over 28000 articles) that can be searched.

wikiquote main page

Again, search for the topic and all related quotes for that will be displayed along with source.

quotes on selected topics displayed by wikiquote

Wikisource : This is a free library (with over 765,000 pages) available anytime and from anywhere.

wikisource main page


Simply search for research topics or browse the pages. It has a lot of information to offer.

wikisource library content
These awesome free services can be used from anywhere and the best part is that there is nothing to download or install.

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