Manage Email Subscriptions With This Free Tool

Receiving spam can be annoying. The same goes for subscription based emails that can quickly flood the inbox. is a free service that can scan for subscription emails and can either unsubscribe from them or provide a daily digest/rollup.

Using it is simple. Go to and enter email address for which subscription emails need to be managed. home page

using by entering existing email address

Allow access as requested.

app permissions when using

The service will automatically scan all the subscription based emails and list them.

inbox being scanned automatically for subscription emails

list of subscriptions in inbox detected by

Either choose Add to Rollup (this will combine the emails as daily digest which can be scheduled to be delivered), Unsubscribe or Keep in Inbox.

managing subscription based emails by adding to rollup or unsubscribing

The service will display the overall status after streamlining the inbox based on the actions chosen.

status of actions taken for subscription emails when using


The rollup emails can be scheduled to be delivered in a convenient time slot – Morning, Afternoon and Evening.

choosing a time slot for receiving rollup emails through
A separate folder will be created within the inbox which will receive all the subscriptions that were marked for rollup.

separate folder for receiving rollup emails through

The iOS app is also available. Definitely a time saver when trying to organize inboxes and streamline emails.

Happy emailing!

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