Key Considerations When Designing Online Web Services

As online transactions become more prevalent, apps/websites/services that can handle such requirements are a must. Not only these e-services  which include banking, online casino and gaming,e-commerce etc be robust to handle a lot of transactions at any given time, they should also be scalable.

Some key features that need to be considered while designing such services should be :

Scope/domain : Take for example online casino and MMORPGs which has users logged in from all over the world. Not only the web services be able to provide low latency, they should also be able to scale up.

Business model : Freemium models are very popular. They involve free play but to progress further, micro transactions are required which translate into revenues. Online multiplayer games and best online casino for real money rely on this for increasing revenues while banking and financial services don’t. Services involving the casino online also offer attractive perks like sign-up bonuses and free account deposits when for increased user participation.

Platform : Web services are no longer confined to single server rack or even a single data center. Because of cloud computing, the infrastructure as a whole is available as a global pool instead of local physical servers.

cloud computing

Domains that involve a lot of transactions like banking and online casino need to not only look for securing such critical infrastructure but also promise high availability from anywhere and at anytime. This is why cloud computing is a preferred choice – plus it can reduce manpower costs too.

Availability : A lot of web traffic is expected for user/transactions intensive services like multiplayer gaming, financial services, online casino etc. Cluster designs, load balancers and other mechanisms that can handle such load and filter the legitimate web traffic from spambots would be a key in ensuring high availability.

Transaction mode : This is very much a key factor when certain domains like e-commerce, stock brokers and online casino are considered. The currency type, the payout type, clear iterface when adding and withdrawing funds, placing orders and tracking them can make or break user experience.

User Support : User support is one factor that can shape user experiences when using online services considerably. Even more so for domains like financial websites, online casino and gaming where transactions happen in real time and user queries and issues need to be resolved at the earliest. Support channels that perform well are live chat besides the conventional phone numbers. Resolutions that happen while the user is engaged in the process can improve their experience sharply.

So these considerations first need to be mapped out during the design phase when creating web services to make the process a lot easier.




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