How To Use The Convert Currency Feature In Opera Browser

Opera browser has a built-in currency converter that can scan numbers with currency symbols on web pages when that text is selected and display it’s equivalent value in another currency. This feature is enabled by default but it displays the output currency value based on the location during installation of Opera.

To change this :

Access Opera settings through (Alt+P) or Menu>Settings.

accessing Opera settings

Go to Browser section.

Browser section in Opera settings

Ensure that the the tick next to On text selection is enabled and choose the desired output currency from the drop-down box.

enable currency convert feature and set the output currency in Opera

From now on, when the currency specific text is selected on web pages, a pop-up will appear that will display the value in converted currency.

currency conversion in Opera when text is selected

Pretty handy feature to have, just like the free VPN feature.

Happy browsing.

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