Enable VPN Mode When Using Opera For Better Privacy

When using a browser directly to surf websites, location as well as IP details can be identified. A VPN  (Virtual Private Network) connection masks this by using a virtual location and an IP address which is different than the actual one.

Opera browser offers a built-in VPN feature that can be enabled to surf the web without installing any external add-ons separately. Also, there is no data limit restriction when using this.

Here is how to enable the VPN mode in Opera :

Access Settings by clicking on Menu > Settings or type settings in the address bar.

accessing settings in Opera browser

From the Privacy & security tab, locate the VPN section and select Enable VPN.

enabling VPN mode in Opera browser

Once enabled, the VPN tag will be visible next to the address bar indicating that any website that is now accessed will be through a VPN connection.

vpn mode active in Opera

To know additional details like the VPN IP address, virtual location and network utilization over this VPN connection, click on that tag. Also, the feature can be directly turned off from over there.

VPN details when using Opera browser

This is a handy feature that has been added to Opera and can be used to surf privately just by enabling it.

Happy browsing.

  1. Brittney says:

    Sometimes its doesn’t work. So, what can i do at those moment? Though i already learned more information about it but in the above question is creating very difficulty when i use VPN.