Quickly Get Detailed Battery Usage Details In Linux Mint

For laptops and mobile PCs running on battery source, powerstat is a useful Linux Mint software that shows the detailed power battery consumption along with the average, standard deviation and maximum/minimum values of collected data.

To install it, open Terminal in Linux Mint (this is applicable to Ubuntu as well) and type :

sudo apt-get install powerstat

installing powerstat in linux mint

Once installed, it can be run with various parameters. The most common parameter that shows detailed consumption is the -a flag (all).

To start collecting power consumption details of laptop battery, use the following command :

powerstat -a

running powerstat

running powerstat to collect laptop battery usage data

Wait for the readings to complete or exit using Ctrl-C. Powerstat will compute various statistics from the collected samples like average, standard deviation and min/max values. Also, a histogram will be displayed (the -a flag includes this).

detailed statistics of laptop battery consumption data displayed by powerstat in linux mint

Powerstat utility by default starts after a delay of 180 seconds when laptop is running on battery. This is for the battery source to stabilize before readings can be collected. However, this can be modified using the -d flag.

Now, suppose power consumption needs to be measured with an interval of 1 second and 20 such samples need to be collected. The command for this would be :

powerstat 1 20

The default option is powerstat taking 10 readings with an interval of 10 seconds. To use this, simply type :


Various other parameters can be used as needed. Use the powerstat help page for viewing different custom options :

man powerstat

This is a simple and useful tool for Linux Mint that can be run when wanting to test or evaluate laptop battery usage.

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