How To Download Country Maps In Windows 10 For Offline Use

Windows 10 provides a list of detailed country maps (using Bing Maps) that can be downloaded and used for directions/navigation when travelling or just for information.

To do this :

Access Windows Settings (Action Center > All settings). Next, choose System.

windows 10 settings


Click on Offline Maps and select Download maps.

offline maps option in windows 10

download maps in Windows 10 for offline use

This will display a list of regions for which maps can be downloaded.

list of world maps by region in Windows 10


Some of the country maps are large in size, so choose accordingly especially when on metered connections.

individual country maps in Windows 10

The selected maps can then be downloaded for offline use. These will show up in the list.
downloaded country maps in Windows 10 for offline use

The Windows 10 default Maps app (launch it from the Start menu or search for it) can be used to view these maps.

Windows 10 Maps app

Since these maps have already been downloaded, navigating through them and using them will be a lot more quicker than through Internet.

viewing country maps in Windows 10

Happy navigating.

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