Free Addictive Games for Smartphones

With the increasing usage of smartphones, along with productivity apps, the user base for mobile games has also increased tremendously. After all, loading up a game like Angry Birds on the smartphone when bored or just wanting to feel refreshed can do a world of good.

It is no surprise that some of the most popular console and PC games now are developed for smartphones. The wide and accessible user base of smartphone users who can download /purchase mobile games just can’t be ignored anymore. In fact, because of the greater availability of smartphones as compared to consoles and even PCs, there is a whole untapped user base which the mobile gaming ecosystem will cater to.

So the mobile game ecosystem has developed to accomodate all types of gaming genres. Be it simply puzzle games, or arcade games (like those retro 80’s video games), action, adventure and even strategy based.

Many of these popular mobile games require to be purchased, while some work on the “freemium” model (i.e the game can be downloaded and played for free but certain in-game purchases will be needed to advance to next level r make the gameplay easier) and some are simply free.

Here are some addictive and interesting free games for smartphones:

Jetpack Joyride ( iPhone/ Android ): This extremely addictive game requires the game character Barry Steakfries across multiple levels by piloting his jetpack and earning coins for different more useful upgrades/power-ups. It starts off easy but gets more difficult with each level progression.

Angry Birds Star Wars ( iPhone /Android) : Building on the legendary Angry Bird model, this too has the birds attacking the pigs with Star Wars theme as a backdrop.

Sonic Dash ( Android only) : This freemium game involves a lot of endless running (Sonic the hedgehog style). It is available for Android only and often prompts for in-game tokens. Overall, a fun game if you can look past the in-game reminders.

Temple Run 2( iPhone / Android) : Jump, turn, slide in and out real fast and escape the giant monley. That is what this fast paced thrilling game is all about. Users familiar with the original Temple Run would be at home when playing this free game.

 Dots (iPhone ) : An extremely addictive game, it requires making coloured dots disappear. May look simple but it isn’t as you play.

Letterpress : Word Game (iPhone) : Construct different workds from a grid of letters (just like scrabble) and compete with friends online to score the highest points.

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Candy Crush Saga (iPhone/ Android) : This game has millions of players globally addicted to playing it. Match colored sweets through different levels with each of them getting trickier as you advance in the game. There are more than a 100 levels, also in-app purchases of power-ups and lives are available (to make the gameplay easier).

Real Racing 3 (iPhone /Android) : Stunning graphics, impressive real world physics and solid gameplay makes this game one of the best car racing games on smartphones. More than 50 different cars, lots of multiplayer features and events all for free.

New Star Soccer ( iPhone/Android) : Play as a footballer, pass, intercept and shoot for goals in this arcade game. Extremely addictive.

Do give these free games a try whether using an iOS/Android smartphone. These free games from various genre are extremely refreshing to play and provide a much needed break.




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