3 Popular Games That You Can Directly Play From Google Search

Google can also be used to play popular games directly from the search results page.

Here are 3 evergreen games that can be played using Google :

Pacman : Type pacman in the search. This will load the classic Pacman screen. Click on it to start playing.

playing pacman through google search

Tic Tac Toe : Type tic tac toe. The game will show up, pick your turn and start the game.

playing tic tac toe through google search

Solitaire : Type solitaire and click the game screen for it to start.

playing solitaire through google search

Or if just bored, try rolling a die and watch the numbers change. 馃檪

roll a die in google search

By the way, Google Chrome has a dinosaur jumping game that can be played when there is no Internet connectivity.


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