Quickly Hide Files And Folders In Windows Using This Free Tool

Files and folders can be hidden in Windows using WinMend Folder Hidden– a freeware that works on local partitions as well as removable devices.

Using it is easy. First download and install it from here.

Since this software deals with data security, on the first run, a master password prompt will show up for creating a password. This is the password that needs to be entered every time to access the tool.

winmend folder hidden master password

Once done, simply choose the files and folders that need to be hidden and click on Hide Folder or Hide File(s).

choosing files and folders to hide in winmend folder hidden

The status of the selected folder will change from Visible to Hidden.

folder that is hidden using winmend folder hidden

To unhide, choose the Unhide option and the files/folders will be visible again. Also, the master password that was set on the first run can be changed using the Change Password option.

making files and folders visible again in winmend folder hidden

This is a handy and effective tool for quickly locking down access to sensitive data all through a few clicks. Best part of it is being free. 🙂

Happy hiding.

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