How To Use One-Click Search Engines In Firefox

Firefox comes with a list of different search engines which can be used directly from the search bar by switching between them through a single click.

So, each of these engines can be used for different types of searches online. To check product prices, Amazon search can be selected, for general information, Wikipedia search can be used and so on.

Switching between these different search engines, adding new ones or removing existing ones can be directly done through a few clicks. Before searching, click on the + icon in the search field at top right in Firefox.

using one-click search in Firefox

Then from the Search with: section, choose any of the available ones (default list includes the commonly used ones like Google, Bing, Amazon, Wikipedia). To add new search engines or remove the existing ones, click Change Search Settings.

choosing which search engine to use in Firefox

Uncheck those that are to be removed from the list. For adding others, select Add more search engines.

adding other search engines in Firefox

This will list the other search engines available from the Firefox add-ons page.

other search engines that can be added to Firefox

Smart keywords can also be added for various searches. Happy searching.

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