Convert PDF Documents To Excel Online For Free

PDF to Excel is a free online tool that converts any PDF document to Excel. It supports conversion formats to Microsoft Excel (versions 7, 10, 13), LibreCalc, OpenCalc or any other MS Office compatible software suite.

No email registration or user sign-up is needed. Also, the documents are deleted from the PDF to Excel servers after a maximum of 6 hours.

To use it, go to the site and click on Upload.

uploading local source pdf documents for converting or choosing them from online cloud storage services

Documents stored either locally on PC or in cloud storage (OneDrive, DropBox and Google Drive) can be uploaded.

choosing a pdf document for converting to excel

Wait for the conversion to complete. A download button will show up once it is over. Click on Free Download to get the converted document.processed document ready to be downloaded when using pdf to excel

The processed document will be accessible by opening it in Excel, Libre Office, Open Calc or other MS Office compatible application suites.

converted excel document


It also can convert scanned PDF documents. The processing time for an average PDF document takes under a minute. Also, the rows/columns structure will remain the same as in source PDF document and will be editable once converted to Excel format.

This is a useful and free tool, do try it out.


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