Improving Support Managers’ Performing Features

Installing help desk ticketing system can save your time and efforts while improving managers’ responding time to clients’ requests and keeping them satisfied.

Resolving the issue concerning the system can be vital for those who constantly work with various data bases and keeping client lists with lots of additional details. If you are contemplating on how to operate your time and efforts wisely and looking for a reliable help desk software free which will include all the necessary functions like managing, sorting, prioritizing, merging, etc., then you can consider installing helpdesk ticketing system.

How can a ticketing system make your job easier?

Buying for a reasonable price and downloading at once you will be provided with an access for an unlimited number of agents to operate with tickets. Any agent of yours will be able to track assets, to attach screenshots of PDF files to tickets, to change data or simply to maintain and to update them. Your clients will be happy and you will spend less time organizing work flow.

Due to a great design every piece of information is available on the screen and one can easily set the priority, status, date etc. – every step in a work of a support agent will be neatly organized according to his needs. This feature is the great benefit of the given software as all the vital information concerning a client is displayed on a single page: manager will see all the attachments, conversations without spending time trying to recall in which folder one can find the required data.

Another great benefit that will save your time is an app that is available for iOS and Android. This means that one also can browse tickets using a tablet or a smartphone. These apps operate fast even with slow connection and have the necessary set of features providing an efficient work.

Email integration feature

Everyday millions of letters travel to every corner of the world and it is important not to lose the needed one. This software package took care of that granting you the possibility to organize all your random emails into structured tickets.

Every email you receive is kept in a special location and makes a part of a ticket that can be easily managed or updated. It is possible to handle few or more servers and addresses and to set a certain route for different incoming mails. Manager can also sort and route your letters according to key words used in the subject line or according to the date or term. All in all, one won’t have to look for an important email throughout entire email box as it will be automatically attached to a certain ticket. It is possible to create mass actions like change status or reply to all – updating multiple tickets at the same time.

This software package has all the needed tools for optimizing assignments and one will benefit from buying web-based software.

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