Quickly Take Screenshots When Using Mozilla Firefox

When using Mozilla Firefox, capturing screenshots of web pages can be done directly through an add-on like Easy Screenshot.

Download and install the add-on from here. Once installed, a browser restart will be needed.

Easy Screenshot will show up as an icon next to Firefox address bar.

easy screenshot add-on icon in Firefox

Click on the drop-down menu to perform any of the following screenshot functions:

  • Web page region       Ctrl + Shift+c
  • Entire web page        Ctrl + Shift+l
  • Visible web content  Ctrl + Shift+v
  • Screen region             Ctrl + Shift+s

Shortcut keys can be enabled for the above functions from Settings option of the add-on.

To take a screenshot, drag to the appropriate region and either hit Enter or double click for the screenshot to be captured.

screenshot captured using easy screenshot add-on in Firefox

This is a lightweight screen capture add-on for Firefox which can be handy when trying to capture web data/annotations.

(For non-browser based screenshot tools, Greenshot is a very useful program.)

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