Essential Self-Check Action Items Prior To Landing A Casino Software Provider

Looking to establish an internet casino? Right now you have but two ways: 1) develop the platform under your own steam or 2) partner up with EvenBet Gaming as your dedicated casino software provider. Which option is better?

Should you consider the first, be ready to roll up your sleeves and code, like A LOT. In case you’re not at hand with serious coding, you’ll need to contract an agile-skilled ninja developer with a dedicated expertise in the domain of e-casinos. Note that finding such coding guru is sometimes harder than launching a private space shuttle. With this in mind, the second option which is contracting an online gambling software provider stands a better alternative. Why is that so?

You gain access to a ready-made, well-tested solution and all the necessary promotional toolkits out-of-the-box. Plus, you have such hands down turnkey features as configured server, hundreds of games, nifty website and SMM integration, and even a source code for developing your own software, if you like. A great thing is you can strike a deal with a casino software operator today and start profiteering tomorrow. A bad thing is, not all vendors are up to the mark.

10 things a perfect casino software provider must have

Full Technical Support – A company which lands dependable casino software is accountable for its services A to Z. High-load API, scalable source code, easy web and mobile integration, pre-built apps, extensive management and marketing tools – all these features are either provided or you opt for another company.

Rich Gaming Platform – Internet gambling isn’t limited to casino games alone. There’s also fantasy football, sport betting, social games, binary options, etc. Quality software providers offer a wide range of gaming options you can hop on later when business has grown and matured.

Offers to Fit Your Case – Are you looking to be a big player or just a local casino to satisfy the needs of a nearby community in fun pastime and easy wins? Several packages to cater for the needs of small and large businesses alike should be available to fit any budget and goal.

Foolproof Hosting – To live up to user expectations in terms of smooth gambling experience, your operator has to provide fail-proof and sustainable server/back-office configuration. Safety measures against DDoS attacks should be included by default too.

Fraud Prevention – Monitoring and casting out fraudulent activities or hacker attacks is the sole obligation of a software provider. Buoyant system operation and product functioning on the side of a provider is what you pay for, so the anti-fraud measures must be executed seamlessly.

Extensive Marketing Tools – SEO instruments, CRM, SMM promotion, pre-built creative assets, testing means – the suit of tools must be covered by the contract and provided in full amount by a company which knows to put money where the mouth is.

Setup and Maintenance – Having a dedicated team to respond in case of emergency is must-have. You’re not a developer, you’re a businessman and you don’t have to take care of coding and maintenance by yourself. A good company has a team ready to deploy, just say the word. It’s called professionalism.

Warranty – Today there’re casino software providers which have a 30-day trial period as well as a one-year warranty. Does your potential partner have warranty and post-warranty deals? Chances are high you’ve just spotted a reliable service which will help your business grow.

Payment and Legal Advisory – Since you’re new to the world of internet casinos and poker, you might not be well-aware of billing or juridical aspects. So until you learn what is what here, some serious counseling on various financial issues would be much appreciated.

Extensive Portfolio – If you can afford contracting industry’s best, do it. Check out provider’s portfolio to find out which casinos are powered by its technologies. Like what you see? Sounds like somebody is going to put name to a contract!

At the end of the day, finding a perfect provider is a tough mission. More often than not available companies have their pros and cons, so it’s up to you to decide what is important and which flaws you can go along with. Just make sure at least 6-7 points from the list match and then consider inking a deal. Break a leg!


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