Technology Impact On Business

Technology allows businesses to tap into markets and opportunities that were previously not accessible easily. With the advent of constant online connectivity and digital transactions, the marketplace is no longer traditional with presence of physical goods and services.

Technology has disrupted existing business models and created new innovative ones wherein presence no longer equals productivity.

business process re-engineering cycle


Technology, in addition to changing traditional businesses has also made an impact on entertainment industries like video gaming. Video games and consoles and the traditional gaming industry all rely heavily on efficient use of technology for product delivery and innovation.

The use of technology in gaming industry not only brings transparency but also reduces costs. Tasks that required traditional manpower is now automated and digital delivery is through mobile apps.

Previously, arcade machines were all the rage.


Now, video gamers all over the world can connect using either a PC or a video game console, get online and play as much as needed without actually travelling.


Even in traditional gaming industry, William Hill online casino for example uses mobile app available for users for it’s gaming operations.

William Hill online casino

Other advantage of adapting technology both mobile as well as conventional is increased efficiency and reliability. Factors that used to affect inflow of customers in say a gaming firm due to weather conditions is no longer that big a hurdle. Through online use in form of websites and apps, interested users can log in and enjoy from anywhere with only the Internet speed being a concern and not much else.

Also, within the organization/firm itself, the use of technology has resulted in real time collaboration among different teams and different stakeholders contributing to a project as compared to earlier modes of communication like phone calls and emails. Use of video conferencing software like Skype saves travel expenses and also offers immediate feedback and interaction among employees whether they are collaborating within same project or different projects.

The future trend of technology being adapted is nothing less than spectacular. With Internet Of Things, everything will be connected.


So, having an online presence regardless of the type of business is not just important, it is almost certainly a requirement. All of this due to technology that works 24x7x365 delivering value and creating new markets to tap into.


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